Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Professional liability insurance (PLI), also called professional indemnity insurance (PII) but more commonly known as errors & omissions (E&O).

In South Africa, professional liability insurance (PLI) often referred to as professional indemnity insurance (PII) is an essential safeguard for professionals/businesses offering advice and services. This specialized insurance shields individuals and companies from the financial burden of defending against client negligence claims and covering any resulting damages. Unlike general liability insurance, which covers direct forms of harm, PLI addresses specific issues such as alleged performance failures, financial losses caused by, and errors or omissions in the services or products provided by the policyholder. The nature and name of this insurance can vary significantly across professions, particularly in fields like medicine and law. Moreover, it is frequently mandated by contracts with businesses that rely on the expertise and services of these professionals, ensuring a comprehensive layer of protection and peace of mind.

Coverage sometimes provides for the defense costs, including when legal action turns out to be groundless. Coverage does not include criminal prosecution, nor a wide range of potential liabilities under civil law that are not enumerated in the policy, but which may be subject to other forms of insurance. Professional liability insurance is required by law in some areas for certain kinds of professional practice.

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