It is Women’s month and besides the fact that women are the ones who keep their households together, ensure that their men and children are fed, have clean clothes to wear and are generally in a happy mood, there are also another important fact to recognise and appreciate your woman for.  Statistically, women are lower insurance risks than their male counterparts based on the fact that they take fewer risks, make more careful decisions, usually stick to the speed limit and frown upon road rage.  In addition, the cost of repairs to vehicles crashed by women is on average, lower than the cost of damage caused by men.

While not all insurers recognise that women are, in fact, a lower insurance risk and reward them for it, First for Women does exactly that.  Should you be interested in exploring the cover they offer, you are welcome to contact us for more information.

Here are a few of their added benefits … just because you are a woman:

Travel Benefits

• Trip Monitor
• Directions Assist
• Guardian Angels (pink BMW’s)

Road Assist

• Accident Assist
• Cabs for Women
• Medical Benefits
• Nurse @ First
• Medical Assist
• Trauma Assist

Home & Lifestyle Benefits

• Home Assist
• Concierge Assist
• Legal Assist
• Tax Assist
• Entertainment Assist