Covid-19 vaccination and life insurance

As the saying goes, “A rumour goes in one ear, then out of many mouths.” While social media platforms have connected us in ways we could never imagine, unfortunately it also has a dark side to it: Misinformation. Inaccurate information on COVID-19 spreads widely and the latest question on everybody’s lips is: Does the Covid-19 vaccine invalidate life insurance?


While we cannot speak on behalf of all South African Life Insurers, both Liberty and Momentum Life made public statements on the topic:

  • Momentum Life confirmed that they will not penalise any client who participates in any official medical studies or trials related to COVID-19 vaccines. They also confirmed that there’s no exclusions on any of their Myriad Life Insurance benefits (life, critical illness and disability cover) with regard to COVID-19. Your cover remains intact. (View Momentum statement here)
  • Liberty life specifically stated that the claims on social media (mentioned above) are false and that they will pay all claims if a client dies or develops a claimable condition directly as a result of the COVD-19 vaccine (provided that the clients meet the claims criteria for the benefit in question). Clients will not be discriminated against nor will they be treated more favourably if they have/have not been vaccinated. (View Liberty statement here)

In addition to the above, other South African life insurers have also honored COVID-19 related claims for the duration of the pandemic.

If you are still worried that the Covid-19 vaccine will somehow jeopardise your life insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly provide feedback related to your specific query.

Stay safe!