As we approach June, and winter officially sets in, let’s not be caught with the dreaded flu.  By eating healthy, exercising regularly and practicing good hygiene one can boost ones immune system, and if you happen to get flu it will defiantly assist with getting you back on your feet a lot quicker.

On the Vitality Healthcare benefit you can earn up to 25% cash back at any Clicks or Dis-Chem pharmacy, on selected everyday care items such as self-medication and supplements.

Another precaution, is to have the Flu Vaccination.  You not only earn Vitality points, but if you qualify your Flu vaccine will be paid for from risk.

How do I Qualify?

  • Are you 65 or older?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Are you a registered chronic patient for one or more of the following chronic conditions?
      • Asthma
      • Branchiectasis
      • Cardiac failure
      • Cardiomyopeathy
      • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
      • Chronic renal disease
      • Coronary artery disease
      • Diabeties

So don’t delay, and ensure you stay fit and healthy this winter.