Car, Household & All Risk

Household Insurance Covers all your personal possessions inside your home belonging to you and the members of your household who live with you. Insurance is needed to protect your household belongings against fire, theft, water, wind, storm damage etc. even though you think it might be sufficiently protected by state of the art security measures or live in a secure neighborhood. Can you afford to be without household insurance if your house burnt down, or gets flooded during a storm?

Car Insurance Depending on the cover selected, vehicle insurance can provide cover against damage to your vehicle caused by an accident, fire, theft, hijacking, hail and liabilities to third parties.

All Risks cover is an optional extra on your contents insurance, to cover certain items for loss, damage or theft, when they are outside of the home. Items such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, bicycles, jewelry and hearing aids, to name a few, will need to be specified on the policy if you want these items to enjoy comprehensive, world wide cover.

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