Whether you are planning a long road trip through our neighbouring countries or a relaxed drive to a destination a couple of hours away, it pays to be prepared.

Sumarie Greybe, co-founder of the AI-driven car insurance provider Naked, shared tips to make sure your insurer will have your car covered.

• Make sure the car is roadworthy.

Check whether your tyre treads are worn out. Ask a tyre fitment centre to check that.

Check if your indicators and brake lights are working properly.

Get your brake pads checked if they have not been replaced for a long time.

“On average, brake pads need to be replaced every 75 000km.

“But some brake pads need to be replaced after 25 000km,” said Greybe.

• Make sure the paperwork is up to date.

Your vehicle licence disc needs to be renewed once a year.

Also, check that all potential drivers for your car have up-to-date driving licences.

The licence needs to be renewed every five years, which includes an eye test.

• Get the right insurance cover for trips outside South Africa’s borders

Find out whether your policy covers you outside South Africa’s borders if you’re planning to visit neighbouring countries.

Get a letter from your insurer that you can present at the border.

Greybe said most South African policies will only cover you for damage to your own car while you are outside our borders.

“You must take out separate third-party liability insurance cover when you travel outside South Africa.

“This cover provides compensation if your vehicle is involved in a road accident and causes damage to another vehicle, or injury to or death of another person in another country.”

• Update the policy to cover the extras

If you have added expensive accessories and extras to your car such as a roof-rack, bull bar, xenon lights, or extra sound equipment, update your policy to ensure they are covered.

• Be prepared for emergencies

Keep your insurer’s roadside emergency number on hand so that you call for help if you have an accident or engine trouble.

The more progressive insurers will also allow you to seek emergency assistance from their mobile app.

• Pause your cover if your car is staying at home.

With Naked’s mobile app, you can pause your accident cover on the days that you’re not driving your car. You can instantly save 50 per cent of your premium on the days you use Cover Pause.

“It’s a great way to save a little more money for your trip if you’re travelling, but your car is parked for days in your garage, at the airport, or even at your holiday destination,” said Greybe.


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