It is never too early to start thinking about your financial future, especially when it comes to building generational wealth.

Even if you are still studying, job hunting, or just starting your career, considering how to create lasting financial security for yourself and future generations is crucial. While this concept may seem daunting, particularly for the younger generation who may lack financial knowledge, starting early is key, even if it is easier said than done. In your twenties filled with enthusiasm and ambition, it may feel like reaching your financial goals is impossible.

To help tackle this challenge, the Professional Provident Society (PPS) is here as a holistic financial services company specialising in providing intelligent financial solutions tailored for graduate professionals. It understands the complexities of wealth creation, especially in today’s economic circumstances. Additionally, PPS recognises the added difficulty of building up generational wealth, ensuring that your heirs can benefit from your financial success in the future.

Building generational wealth opens doors of opportunity, empowers your heirs and establishes a solid financial foundation for future generations. This may be through giving them a substantial inheritance, including investments such as unit trusts, a property portfolio or the keys to a successful family business.
No matter how you define wealth, the process of becoming wealthy is known as wealth building. At its core, wealth building encompasses setting a budget for yourself, saving and investing money and ensuring that you curb your debt.

In an age where financial naivety and student loan debts haunt the youth, PPS Financial Advisory aims to guide aspiring wealth builders with some key tips to get started:

1. Steer clear of debt: Use the debt snowball method to pay the smallest debts off as quickly as possible to eliminate debt swiftly.
2. Live below your means: Be prudent with your spending and resist the temptation to overspend. Consumerism does not lead to happiness.
3. Gradually raise your standard of living: Exercise patience and avoid rapid lifestyle inflation.
4. Budget like your future depends on it: Because it truly does – prioritise budgeting to allocate your resources wisely.
5. Start early: The key to building generational wealth is starting as soon as possible.

Building and maintaining generational wealth is no “cakewalk”. In fact, 70% of families lose it by the second generation and a staggering 90% lose it by the third generation.

Open communication about money matters and meticulous planning are crucial to prevent generational wealth’s demise. To successfully pass on generational wealth, younger generations must comprehend its significance and parents must foster financial literacy.

Key takeaways
• Generational wealth refers to the passing of assets from one generation to another.
• Even when saving for retirement, you can begin creating generational wealth.
• Although assets may pass on by inheritance after one’s death, placing them in a Trust allows them to be transferred whilst the owner is still alive.
• Building generational wealth can be done in various ways, including with real estate and business ownership.
• It can help family members achieve the average net worth by age, which is a good indicator of overall financial security.

Starting young is the ideal time to begin building your generational wealth. And if you can create and continue building generational wealth, you provide financial stability for your family without financial stress. Do not wait to start, do not wait to invest, start creating your legacy strategy. Building generational wealth takes time, thoughtful planning and commitment. It is possible and well worth the effort.

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