Despite the commonly held perception that males are the “stronger sex”, men are just as susceptible to severe illnesses as women. In fact, the Old Mutual GREENLIGHT claims statistics show that the majority (56%) of severe illness claims in 2016 were made by men.

We all hold predetermined ideas of the different strengths and weaknesses of men and women. Men are traditionally viewed as being physically stronger, for example, while women are considered better at multi-tasking. The problem arises when these fixed ideas and men’s sense of invincibility prevent us from taking the necessary precautions when it comes to illness cover and our lifestyle choices.

Although a severe illness like cancer can befall anyone, it helps to know the early warning signs and to ensure you have sufficient financial cover.

The reality is that planning ahead for cancers and tumours by having severe illness cover can give you peace of mind. Being diagnosed with a severe illness such as prostate or testicular cancer, for example, is stressful on many levels and its impact can be felt long after the medical treatment is over.

A diagnosis is a life-changing event with long-lasting effects. The best thing you can do is to take steps to minimise these effects, where possible. Apart from the significant physical issues, there is also a great deal of emotional strain. Dealing with these effects is demanding enough without also having to cope with the financial burden of expensive medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Cover that offers financial certainty in uncertain times proves its value as it gives men and their families the peace of mind they need. Comprehensive financial protection ensures that you have financial cover when you need it most.

Please speak to a financial adviser and find out how severe illness cover can help ease the financial burden of living with a severe illness.


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