Capital Legacy’s principal reason for existence is to effectively drive down the legal costs borne by deceased estates. Such legal costs comes in the form of executor fees, trustee fees and property conveyance fees charges and diminish the value of your intended legacies to be inherited by your loved ones.

With our Legacy Protection PlanTM, the legal fees on your deceased estate are covered. Included in the plan is the Immediate Liquidity Benefit that pays out within 48h to keeps your cash flow going when your assets are frozen, and at a time your family needs it the most.

The Legacy Protection PlanTM is a first for South Africa. Its innovation is projected to save our policyholders millions in legal expenses related to their deceased estates

We will send one of our trained consultants to structure and draft your Will, as well as calculate your legal fees and offer options to cover them. We also specialise in setting up testamentary trusts for minor and special needs children.

Capital Legacy is a certified fiduciary service, which offers a unique and personal experience when setting up your Will.

Ages 18-45:

For R80.72 pm receive up to R544 000 worth of fiduciary cost cover, and R66 700 Immediate Liquidity Benefit.

Ages 18-45:

For R136.22 pm receive up to R 2 140 000 worth of fiduciary cost cover, and R111 280 Immediate Liquidity Benefit.

Ask your adviser to have your Will set up with one of our consultants.

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Capital Legacy Solutions is underwritten by Guardrisk Life, a subsidiary of MMI Holdings,

and reinsured with Swiss Re.