According to data from *Discovery Insure’s road safety app that Purely Local acquired, the best drivers are from the Western Cape, and overall in the country, the best drivers are female drivers (can’t say that’s a surprise though).

How does the app work? Over 36 000 people have downloaded the smartphone app to receive real-time feedback on their driving. Consumers receive detailed feedback after each trip, with information on harsh braking and cornering, distracted driving (such as mobile usage while driving e.g. texting) and speeding, as measured by their smartphone’s built-in ‘accelerometer’, gyroscope and GPS. They are assigned a score between 0 and 100 and are ranked on a leader board which scores them against friends and the broader public.

During the first month of the campaign, almost 17 million km of data was collected and analysed by the Discovery Insure app. Gauteng came in as the second best province when it comes to driving.

Best drivers by province

Western Cape
Eastern Cape
North West
Free State
Northern Cape

Although almost 70% of users are male, women tend to be better drivers. However, the app did record more harsh braking events and higher levels of cell phone usage by women while driving. Men lost because of significant points on speeding and cornering.

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