The last two weeks of the month are usually when most people move house and the smartest of us know better and prepare their home security beforehand.

In the midst of packing up and finalising with estate agents, ensuring your safety and that of your belongings can easily slip anyone’s mind.

Allen Baudry from Londoloza Protection Group said it is important to not make it obvious that you are moving, so don’t leave boxes out on the pavement.

  • Do not leave windows and doors open as strangers can easily wander in.
  • If you are moving by yourself, do not get strangers or guys on the street to assist you.
  • Get a reliable moving company and ask if they are insured.
  • When you get to your new place, do not get strangers to help you unpack.
  • Change the locks on the gate or the remote.

“Set up an alarm system immediately once you have moved in. You find that insurance companies will not pay out if your stuff gets stolen and you did not have an alarm system in place.”

Setting up an alarm system is vital and because of the fatigue that comes with moving house, you will be vulnerable to people breaking in or taking advantage of that. Never leave boxes out on the pavement, that can draw unwanted attention. “So often people will buy these big TVs and leave the box out on the pavement. All that does is alert thieves that there is a big TV waiting for them inside. Cut the box up and put it in the trash bin or drop it off at a recycling plant.”

Baudry said it is important to get to know your neighbours in the new place. He said this is vital because they can also tell when something out of the ordinary happens. He added that as a new resident, you should find out about the local residents association and join.

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