Villieria police have urged motorists to physically check if their vehicles are locked after they have pressed the remote control button.

Captain Coba Brits says the police have noticed an increase in cases of stolen vehicles or theft out of motor vehicles due to thieves using remote jamming or blocking equipment which interferes with the locking function of the remote control.

The criminals then steal the vehicles or valuables inside the vehicles.

“Thieves have been using what is called: remote ‘jamming’ or remote ‘blocking’,” Brits said.

He urged motorists not to assume that their vehicles are locked but to physically check that the doors are locked before they moved away from their vehicle.

“Any visible items that are left inside a vehicle can also create an opportunity for thieves to strike,” he said.

He shared the following safety tips to safeguard your belongings:

– As far as possible, leave valuable items at home.

– Do not leave valuable items such as cell phones, handbags and laptops in a visible inside the vehicle, rather lock them away in the boot.

– Ensure that your vehicle is locked by watching it lock and listening out for the ‘bleep’ sound. When the locks are jammed, you will not hear the ‘bleep’ sound that follows.

– Ensure the door is locked by grabbing the handle as if to open the door.

– Park as close to a mall or shop entrance as possible.

– Stay away from deserted or dark areas. Always park in a well-lit, safe place.

“Remember that fighting crimes starts with you. It is only when the community and the police work together that crime can be prevented,” said Brits.

If you have any information about people using jamming devices, contact the Villieria police station on 012 4038607/08 or dial the Crime Stop number 08600 10111 or SMS Crime Line 32211. You may remain anonymous.

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