PPS Short-Term Insurance offers more than just normal insurance cover. It is a new insurer that has been launched with one key objective. “Insurance for Professionals by Professionals”. The PPS Short-Term Insurance offering has been tailored exclusively for Professionals in South Africa. Like all of PPS’ product offerings, a PPS Short-Term Insurance product is also an investment in your future as all the profits of the company contribute to the overall profits of the PPS Group. The PPS Group shares all of its profits with its members who have qualifying products and the more qualifying products a member has, the greater the share in their profits. Santam has 49% shareholding in the PPS Short-Term Product. We also offer personalised client service, linking all our clients and brokers to a personal dedicated service consultant.


Unlike a company that is listed on a stock exchange which has external shareholders, PPS belongs solely to its members and operates under the ethos of mutuality. In other words, it is owned by and exists for the benefit of its members rather than outside shareholders. Every PPS policyholder is a shareholder and this means that all the profits and investment returns generated by the PPS Group are allocated to its qualifying members.


Graduate professionals completing or holding a qualifying four year degree, or equivalent thereof, such as an Honours, a Masters or a Doctorate, for a profession that, on graduation, will be eligible for PPS membership. The members of the PPS professional circle include: Accountants, Actuaries, Advocates, Attorneys, Architects, Dentists, Doctors (belonging to the HPCSA), Engineers, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Scientists, Surgeons and other professions.  If you are a student in your fourth academic year of study, studying towards one of the PPS eligible professions, you can join PPS.