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The PPS Retirement Annuity is an investment vehicle that offers a tax-efficient way to save towards your retirement.

Your savings will remain invested until at least the age of 55. This ensures that the money you set aside for your retirement has the opportunity to grow for as long as possible. However, when investing with PPS Investments you are free to amend your investment as needed: You can adjust debit order amounts and make changes to your unit trust selection without incurring transaction fees.

In addition, you will access a number of tax advantages: You benefit from tax exemptions on capital gains, interest and dividends within your investment and also have the opportunity to reduce your annual income tax liability

What are the benefits?

Tax efficiency

A portion of the contributions you make towards your PPS Retirement Annuity can be claimed back from the taxman. In addition, a number of tax exemptions apply within your investment and a portion of your investment proceeds is tax-free.

Disciplined investing

The PPS Retirement Annuity helps you to work towards a financially secure retirement by encouraging a dedicated savings approach. By committing to remain invested for a set period, you can ensure that you stick to your retirement savings strategy.

Structure with flexibility

While you will be saving with discipline, you still have the flexibility to adapt to changes in your personal circumstances. You can increase, lower or even stop debit order contributions and can make changes to your unit trust selection as required.

Consolidate all your retirement savings with PPS

The PPS Retirement Annuity consists of two sections. In one, investors hold policies issued by an insurance company. In the other, you invest in unit trusts through PPS Investments. This unit trust based section offers greater investment flexibility, transparency and lower fees.

If you are invested in the policy-based section of the PPS Retirement Annuity, you can easily move to the unit trust based section with an Intra-Fund Conversion.

Who is this investment suited to?

The PPS Retirement Annuity is suited to investors who are seeking a tax-efficient, long-term retirement savings vehicle. It may be a suitable if you do not require access to your savings before age 55, are comfortable with the requirement to purchase post-retirement income with at least two thirds of your investment proceeds and seek tax benefits and insolvency protection as you save towards retirement.

An Intra-Fund Conversion is suited to investors in the underwritten section of the PPS Retirement Annuity who are seeking a better value proposition from their investment and for whom lower investment fees in the unit trust based section will outweigh the cost of the conversion. It may also be a suitable alternative if you are looking to keep your retirement savings invested once your underwritten policy has matured.

Why choose PPS Investments?

As part of the PPS Group, we enjoy a reputable standing in the financial services industry and are backed by over 70 years of experience.

We’re committed to providing quality investments that are sophisticated but simply structured and offered at competitive fees. When constructing these investments, you have access to a selection of South Africa’s leading asset managers at attractive prices. We also offer our own range of PPS Portfolios, which consider optimal asset class and asset manager combinations to target specific investment objectives.

The business is supported by a strong governance structure, robust operations and systems infrastructure, and a wealth of professional expertise.

It’s how we’ve established a successful track record of our own.

As a PPS member, your investments with us also contribute to your PPS Profit-Share Account*.

The more you invest – and the more you invest in the PPS Portfolios – the greater your profit share.

*Qualifying members share in the profits of PPS

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