On the 8th of  November this year, Vision health client, Margaret McLean Raven, celebrated her 100th birthday!  This lovely lady has a century of stories to tell… and what better place to start than where she grew up.

Although both her parents were Scottish, Margaret was born in Pretoria and grew up in Pietersburg. She did her BA degree at Wits and met her husband, who was in the RAF, at the Methodist church. They married in 1945.

Having been around much longer than us, we asked her to share some wisdom with us!

Asked what the secret to her longevity is, Margaret replied she had no pearls of wisdom, but was extremely active in her church, family, and community. Whenever possible, she tries to get involved in helping others.


As for what the greatest invention of her lifetime would be, she considers the television and the cell phone both mysterious and wonderful inventions.


We were also curious about her choice of music.  Kenneth McKeller is one of her favorite Scottish singers, and if she had to choose one song it would be “My love is like a red red rose.”


What were her plans for her 100th birthday? Her only wish for her birthday was to be surrounded by her family. Her advice to her family is, “Stay close to each other, and close to the Lord.”
Her message to everyone else:
“Don’t shut yourself away from the world. There are a lot of interesting people to meet out there!”
From all of us at Vision, happy 100th birthday, Margaret McLean Raven!