Offshore Investments

Franklin Templeton

A Trusted Partner in Asset Management

Since 1947, our firm has been dedicated to delivering exceptional asset management for our institutional, retail, and high-net worth clients. By bringing together multiple, world-class investment teams in a single firm, we’re able to offer specialized expertise across a full range of asset classes, supported by the strength and resources of one of the world’s largest asset managers. This has helped us become a trusted partner to financial advisors and investors across the globe.

Vision House Views

Vision put together 3 House view portfolios unique to the Franklin Templeton investments. Each portfolio has global exposure whilst utilizing the different asset classes.
The portfolios are structured according to the individuals risk tolerance together with expected return.

Vision – FT Cautious Portfolio

The portfolio is designed for the individual who expects a fair return with a minimum risk tolerance. The portfolio has a short term outlook and will strive to deliver return adequate to interest bearing assets.

Vision – FT Moderate Portfolio

The portfolio is designed for the individual who wants better return than interest bearing assets, but aren’t willing to tolerate as much risk as the aggressive portfolio. Thus the portfolio has a medium term policy with a fair amount of volatility.

Vision – FT Aggressive Portfolio

The portfolio is designed for the individual who wants to beat the MSCI World Index in the long run. The portfolio thus has a long term view with high return. The individual must be able to tolerate volatility with possible short term losses, keeping in mind that the portfolio will recover given the fair amount of time.

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