Santam has launched a new app for accident victims that it says ensures that insurance companies can receive all the relevant information as quickly as possible, as well as speed up the claims process. The Accident and Incident Reporter, a feature on the Santam App with Be Safe, is also for use by those who are not part of the insurer’s clientele, and offers a simple, step-by-step process to report, document and submit an accident or incident report directory to any insurer.

“When you are involved in an accident, you may be too flustered to remember all the information that will be required by an insurer. The Santam App with Be Safe will ensure a structured process, so you don’t leave out crucial information which may be difficult to obtain later,” says Fanus Coetzee, Santam’s head of claims assessment services.

Coetzee says Santam receives around 4500 third party liability claims per month. During 2014, the insurer paid out a total of R336 million for third party claims.

“Even though we pay more claims than any other insurer, there may be conditions that could lead to repudiation of claims, however. It is important to remember that insurers often have two conflicting views of an accident or incident – yours and that of the other driver. It may be found that even though you did not cause the event, you may have contributed to it by not taking appropriate evasive action.

“In all these cases, our task of deciding how to apportion damage will be greatly facilitated if you can provide us (or any other insurer) with as much relevant evidence as possible.”

The Accident and Incident Reporter on the Santam App with Be Safe enables users to scan the barcode of their vehicle licence disc (and those of other vehicles involved), capture the details of all parties concerned, record audio statements from witnesses, describe the accident, and take and store photos. All this information can be sent to the insurer within a matter of minutes. In addition, the app will assist you in finding the nearest police station to submit an accident report.

Coetzee says the new app is an extension of Santam’s promise of insurance good and proper. “It is just another way that we help South Africans be safe out there and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that should they be involved in a car accident, the insurance claims process is one less thing to worry about,” he concludes.

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