Momentum has launched the #NoApologyForMySuccess campaign for Women’s Month, a movement that aims to inspire women to talk confidently about their achievements.

“The #NoApologyForMySuccess campaign is about starting a positive conversation, where women are encouraged to do some honest introspection, become aware of the accomplishments they feel apologetic or shy about, and to affirm that whatever their definition of success is, it is valid,” said Chief Marketing Officer for Momentum Metropolitan Holdings, Nontokozo Madonsela.

She added, “Momentum believes that the journey to success will have many moments where women will need to be vocal about their achievements, because contrary to popular belief, a CV doesn’t speak for itself. It needs your voice. We need women to talk about their success without feeling like they are being arrogant or overconfident when they do”.

The campaign is aimed at everyone who is on a journey to success, however, Momentum is especially talking to women who have always felt shy about talking about their accomplishments.

“The #NoApologyForMySuccess campaign has been well-received overall – our campaign actually trended on Women’s Day, with over 630 mentions of our hashtag! People have been engaging with us over social media, and really getting involved in this important conversation.

“We received a balanced response to the campaign from both men and women, with largely positive and neutral conversation. We have also seen ample support from men within our organisation, and we invite the rest of South African men to join in support,” said Madonsela.

As part of the Momentum #NoApologyForMySuccess campaign, Momentum is inviting people to join the conversation on its social media platforms to share and learn from each other. Momentum will also be announcing events geared at empowering women to be less self-conscious about their achievements.

These events will serve as a positive platform for women to come together, share their experiences and insights, learn from other unapologetically successful women, and boldly own the achievements on their journey to success.

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