We caught up with Conrad Wehmeyer who joined the Vision RIC team in November 2014. In this interview we find out more about what he does, how he does it, and what sets him apart from your normal financial adviser.

What are your qualifications?

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning

What services do you offer?

Giving advice on the following:

  • Risk products
  • Short term insurance (car, household, building, all risk etc)
  • Long term insurance (life, disability, severe illness)
  • Investment planning (pre and post-retirement products using either collective investment schemes or direct equities from a range of asset management platforms)

How long have you been in the financial industry?

I have been in the insurance/investment industry for about 8 years, operating in various fields from working as a para planner, as well as being a consultant for a corporate insurance company, and currently working as an advisor with Vision. In this time I have learned a lot about the working of the industry and to constantly try to better the client/broker experience.

What is your approach to financial planning?

Firstly to understand what the client really wants, secondly doing a thorough analysis (taking the following elements in consideration, tax, estate, liquidity, risk) on the specific clients portfolio, and then giving advice or recommending a plan the client understands and is happy with.

What makes your client experience unique?

I always try to put the client first, and to give him a reason/experience to want to deal with me again.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Conrad on conrad@visionbrokers.co.za and he will gladly assist.