Take note of the following list of common benefits and use these to make sure you’re getting the most out of your premium:

Roadside assistance: When things go wrong on the road, your insurer offers a myriad of assistance options, including fuel assistance, towing, security and hotel stays.

Handbag and document cover: Some insurers offer assistance to replace the bag and its contents, including the replacements of your licence, ID cards, bank cards, etc.

Medical care: Cover can include Assistance in Medical emergencies such as ambulance transfers, telephonic medical assistance and even care for stranded minors.

Discounts on services/products: Some insurance providers have partnered with service providers and negotiated better deals on your (and their) behalf. Being covered with most insurers will grant you preferential rates on tracking device products as well as advanced driving courses.

Legal assistance: Lawyers are not cheap. You can access qualified attorneys to advise you on any number of legal issues.

Home assistance: For issues around the home, insurers will send qualified locksmiths, tree fellers, bee keepers, plumbers and electricians to attend to your crises as soon as possible. They will even send a security guard where/if your security is compromised.

Take-me-home services: After you’ve had a few too many on a night out, don’t call an outside company which will charge you more. Call your insurance provider. Most of them offer a service to get you home.

Concierge services: As part of your cover, some insurers even provide a concierge-type service that can assist you with hotel and restaurant bookings, events and entertainment information and the likes.

Article credit: http://www.destinyconnect.com/2016/08/23/make-car-insurance-work/