To highlight the importance of having adequate cover in the event of a fire, we would like to share with you an actual story from one of our clients.  On the 6th of June 2017 we received a notification from one of our insurers that one of our clients’ policy had been cancelled due to unpaid premiums.  We tried several times that day to get hold of the client to try and reinstate the policy.  Thankfully, on the sixth attempt we managed to get hold of the client. We explained the situation that should any unforeseen event happen, she might lose everything as she did not have a policy in place at that moment. The client confirmed that the policy should be reinstated. We immediately contacted the insurer who sent the new debit order and no claims declaration that was to be filled out in order to reinstate the policy from the 6th. They would do a debit the next Monday. We received the documentation and sent it to the client the same day to complete and sign. We received the completed documents the next morning (7th) and sent it to the insurer who in turn reinstated the policy (effective 6th) and sent us a copy of the reinstated schedule.

Sadly, between the 7th and the 8th of June our client’s house and car were taken completely in the Knysna fires.  While we only assisted the client in household and vehicle insurance (the client had homeowners insurance at the bank), we are pleased to say that the insurance claim was paid in full!  The insurer even covered our client for rental payments up to a maximum of 12 months or until their house is rebuilt (if sooner) to ensure a safe stay for the interim.

Just another story of a happy Vision client… things could have easily been very different!

*Please ensure your premiums are paid up to date and that you have adequate cover to avoid being at risk.  Remember:  a fire can start anywhere, at any time.