Ah, weddings. What a joyous – albeit sometimes expensive – occasion. Exchanging rings on your wedding day should leave you with two things in mind: One is that this is a precious token of your commitment to each other. And two, that you’re going to ensure you protect that small fortune you and your spouse are wearing at all costs.

The best way to do this is to insure your wedding rings. If your wedding rings fly off on a rollercoaster or shed a diamond or two, you’ll wish you had better protected your sentimental stones. Replacing your jewellery because of theft, misplacement or damage does not have to be a grievous process – which is why you need to have your jewellery valuated and insured.

Jewellery stores have made things simple and you have multiple options to get your goods valuated. Depending on the store you choose, you could either:

  1. Make a booking in advance; or
  2. Visit the store for a quotation;or
  3. Arrange to have your jewellery safely delivered to them via courier.

Once the evaluator receives your jewellery, they will be able to provide you with a clear pricing quotation and time of collection. What happens in the process of valuation?

  1. Each item of jewellery is carefully cleaned, photographed and weighed;
  2. All the metals and stones in the item are identified before measuring, weighing and quality grading them;
  3. Final valuation – you will receive a complete record of your jewellery, with all the information you need to enjoy full insurance cover;
  4. You should be given two copies – one for your files and one for your insurance company.

You should attach a valuation certificate (from a reputable jeweller) to your home insurance policy. It should be noted on your coversheet, and, for insurance policy purposes, your jewellery needs to be kept in a locked safe if it is not being worn.

So, with the right insurance cover, you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding rings for years to come – no matter what life throws at your left hand!


Article credit https://reviewonline.co.za/332370/insuring-jewellery-youll-need-three-things/