MOTORING NEWS – From an insurance perspective, it is crucial to take the following matters into consideration when you are in the process of purchasing a vehicle.
Insurance brokerage and risk advisors Aon South Africa shared these tips:
  • Do your homework on the make and model of your vehicle and find out if the parts are readily available.
  • Be aware that some vehicles are considered higher risk for theft and hijackings.
  • Obtain different insurance quotes on different vehicle makes that you are considering, to give you an idea of the risk involved.
  • Be aware of the type of security precautions you will need, such as a tracking device. Factor the ongoing subscription cost into your monthly expenses.
  • Remember to check whether there is anything to add into your standard motor vehicle insurance agreement. This might be a scratch and dent cover, tyre cover or hail damage cover. Don’t assume that you are covered for everything.
  • Consider the length of your car hire cover, in the event of a vehicle repair taking longer than the standard one month car rental allowance. Ask the broker what your options would be.
  • Specify any add-ons to your vehicle that are not standard features. These might be alloy mag wheels or a specific sound system, nudge bars and side steps, a GPS navigator and additional lights. These all add additional value to the vehicle.
  • Credit shortfall cover – make sure you are covered for the finance charges in terms of the finance agreement. This is the difference between the value of your vehicle and the outstanding finance settlement at the bank.

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