A lot of motorists are forced to cancel their car insurance premiums because they can’t keep up with the high costs. However, this is problematic because you will need it in the event of an accident. Instead of doing away with it, there are ways to reduce the cost. Head of technical marketing at Discovery Insure, Philippa Wild, shares some tips:

1.Have a good credit record

Research shows that people with a bad credit score have a lot of accidents and claim more than people with good credit scores.

2. Drive a cheaper car.

If you have an accident in an expensive brand new vehicle, then it will cost more to repair or replace than an accident in a cheaper vehicle.

3. Insure all your assets in one premium.

The premium will be affordable because instead of paying for two policies, you will only pay for one.

Also, according to experience analysis, clients who insure all their assets on one policy have better claims and tend to lapse less, costing the insurer less. This, then, reflects on the premium.

4. Park your car in a garage or secure area when at home or at work.

It’ll cost you more if the place you park at has high weather or theft risks.

5. Complete a defensive driving course

Most insurance companies offer discounts to clients who have completed a defensive driving course.

6. If you can afford, own a house.

Study shows that people who own things, tend to look after them better than those who rent them.

Article credit: http://www.bonaman.co.za/reduce-car-insurance-costs/