As we head into the festive season one thing we can be sure of is chaos on the roads to South Africa’s holiday destination. If you are one of those entering the fray, are you sure you have the driving skills to avoid becoming one of South Africa’s tragic statistics? Take our quiz to find out:


1. What is a safe following distance?
a. 3 seconds
b. 4 car lengths
c. 5 arrows

2. Who needs to wear a seatbelt?
a. Only the driver
b. Only the driver and passenger
c. Everyone in the car

3. What is the legal blood alcohol limit in beer with a 5% alcohol content?*
a. 2 beers
b. 2/3 of a beer
c. 1/2 of a beer

4. What is the best way to reduce blind spots?
a. Do not change lanes unless you have to
b. Adjust your review and side mirrors for optimal vision
c. Just glance over your shoulder

5. What is the best way to arrive at your destination stress free and on time?
a. Use a GPS
b. Drive in the fast lane
c. Plan your route and leave well in advance

6. What is the most responsible thing to do with your cellphone while driving?
a. Put it where it will not distract you
b. Use a hands free or blue tooth kit
c. Only check it at traffic lights

7. The lower your revs, the more fuel you save, thus you should change your gears between:
a. 1500 and 2000rp/m
b. 2000 and 2500rp/m
c. 2500 and 3500rp/m

8. Anticipate traffic light changes to
a. Reduce the amount of times you stop your car
b. Get through the amber light before it turns red
c. To avoid window washers

9. An engine that idles for 3 minutes uses:
a. More fuel than what it would take to switch off and start the car again
b. The same amount of fuel as it would take to drive 1km at 50km/h
c. Less fuel than either a or b

10. Underinflated tyres make contact with the road:
a. Evenly across the tyre
b. In the centre of the tread
c. Mostly on the edges of the tread

11. You should remove unnecessary weight, like roof racks, so that your car will:
a. Look nicer
b. Go faster
c. Save more fuel

12. What are the three most common causes of fatal car crashes:
a. Poor vehicle maintenance, reckless driving and rain
b. Drunk driving, speeding and driver distraction
c. Disobeying rules of the road, night driving and young drivers



1-a 5-c 9-b
2-c 6-a 10-a
3-b 7-b 11-c
4-b 8-a 12-b

If you got between 10 and 12 answers correct, you are a MasterDriver:

Your knowledge of the roads, how to drive economically and how to avoid difficult situations is close to perfect. Now the test is to put what you know into practice while driving in holiday traffic. It also never hurts to brush up on your knowledge occasionally.

If you got between seven and nine answers correct, you need a bit more practice:
While your driving knowledge is not bad, a brush up course will help you perfect your weaker areas. Holiday traffic requires longer hours behind the wheel and lightning-fast reaction skills. There is no room for uncertainty.

If you got six or less answers correct… Red Alert!
You may not know some basics which can make the difference between life and death on South African roads in December. Before you get behind the wheel give serious consideration to more training.

If you would like to brush up on some of your driving skills these holidays, give MasterDrive a call on 011 867 4778. They have the courses to make you a stronger, more competent driver.

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