Marshall Security have seen a notable increase in the theft of laptop computers over the last few months. Below are some tips to hopefully prevent you from falling victim to such theft.

Laptop Anti-Theft Tips:

  •  KEEP YOUR LAPTOP CLOSE AT HAND; never leave your laptop computer unattended in any public place (ex: library, coffee shop, study lounges etc.)
  •  NEVER LEAVE YOUR LAPTOP IN YOUR VEHICLE; never leave your laptop computer unattended in your vehicle even for a minute
  •  KEEP YOUR LAPTOP IN THE BOOT; when travelling to and from home / the office or meetings, always keep your laptop computer in the boot / trunk of the vehicle, out of the sight of opportunistic smash and grab criminals.
  •  KEEP A COPY OF THE LAPTOP SERIAL NUMBER; always keep a copy of the serial number of all laptops and other electronic devices in a safe place, this will allow police and security companies to correctly match your goods to you in the event of theft, this will also help to ensure conviction of the criminals involved.
  •  CHOOSE AN INCONSPICUOUS CARRY CASE; choosing a flashy, expensive looking laptop bag will draw more attention to would be thieves. Those who walk a lot, like students for example, should keep carrying implements as basic as possible. An appropriately padded backpack will provide adequate protection for the computer, while providing much better concealment from eyes looking for laptops to steal.
  •  DON’T LEAVE LAPTOPS ON DESKS NEAR WINDOWS / DOORS; don’t leave your computer on your desk or table near a window or door at night or when not using it as this feeds temptation of would be thieves.
  •  USE A CABLE LOCK; most laptops are manufactured with provision for a laptop cable lock, which enables the computer to be locked to a fixed object to prevent theft. Most computer shops stock these locks.
  •  LABEL AND TAG THE LAPTOP AND ALL ACCESSORIES; make sure that everything which can be labelled is labelled with the name of the individual which owns it, as well as a contact number. Labels should be in conspicuous places. The potential theft value of a laptop is reduced greatly when additional work is required to remove the identifying marks. Conspicuous identity labels, also significantly increase the risk of a potential thief being caught in the act of theft.

 It is not guaranteed that these tips will prevent the theft of your laptop computer, however using most of these tips will significantly reduce your risk of being a victim of laptop computer theft.

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