Slips, trips and falls often lead to serious injuries and costly claims. The Hospitality and Leisure industries – including hotels, motels, restaurants, wineries and country clubs – pose unique risks that can be avoided with proper planning and training.
Allianz Risk Consultants have identified many common ways to help prevent slips, trips and falls and other accidents. Review this checklist quarterly to enhance your customers’ and employees’ safety while they are on your premises:
Kitchen/Dining Areas
  • Use anti-slip mats around the deep-fat fryers, soft-drink fountains, sinks and other potentially wet areas
  • Store kitchen waste away from main walkways
  • Clean kitchen floors on a regular basis using brushes and squeegees, rather than mops
  • Develop a system of mop marking or placement so you don’t spread kitchen grease to customer areas. Never clean the floors in the front of the house with back-of-the-house mops
  • Keep wait/bus station floors clean and dry
  • Regularly inspect floors for food spillage, silverware, broken glass, loose mats, torn carpets or other hazards
  • Make sure customer tables and chairs are stable and in good condition with no missing supports or braces
  • Continuously scan salad bars for spilled food and clean up immediately. Also, consider placing a slip-resistant mat along the bar
  • Require employees to wear slip-resistant, closed-toe footwear
Lounge/Banquet Meeting Rooms
  • Make sure the stage assembly is secure with a level surface and accessible with a step or ramp
  • Keep audio-visual electrical cords taped or out of walkways
  • Assure there are adequate electrical outlets to prevent excessive use of extension cords
  • Inspect tables and chairs to assure they are sturdy and in good condition
  • Keep the dance floor clean and well maintained. If using a temporary, raised dance floor, the edge should be clearly marked so guests can see the height transition
  • Provide adequate illumination, especially around stairways and higher traffic areas
Guest Rooms
  • Use a room maintenance checklist on a regular basis
  • Check the condition of furniture
  • Inspect floor coverings for torn or frayed areas or other defects
  • Properly stow electrical and telephone cords away from travel paths
  • Provide bathtubs with a slip-resistant base
  • Make sure bathroom grab bars are secure and in good condition
  • Check that window opening restrictors are used, set for no more than four inches, and functional
Pools/Spa Areas
  • Ensure pool access is child resistant with a keycard or self-closing, latching door or gate. Periodically test the door or gate to assure that it is working properly to prevent unauthorized access by children
  • Confirm that emergency rescue equipment and the emergency phone are easily accessible
  • Test pool chemicals regularly and maintain a log
  • Make sure there is good drainage to prevent water accumulation around the pool
  • Post and enforce pool rules. Prohibit running, horseplay, eating and drinking close to the swimming pool or deck
  • Provide hand rails on pool ladders and steps. Make sure they are secure and in good condition
  • Make walking surfaces around pool areas slip-resistant.
  • Assure that depth markings on pool deck and walls are visible
  • Place “No Diving” signs in visible locations
  • Maintain the hot tub temperature at 104 degrees or lower
  • Have pool users apply suntan lotion away from the pool and deck
  • Cones, water-testing kits, ropes and lawn furniture should be kept off the pool deck as much as possible
  • If lawn furniture must be located on the pool deck, place it away from the edge of the pool
  • If the pool will be used during the late evening hours, make sure there is sufficient lighting
  • Use different paint colors so guests can clearly distinguish between the pool interior and decking to help prevent guests from falling into the pool
  • Ensure that pool skimmer covers, lawn sprinklers and underground utility boxes don’t present hazards
Exercise Room
  • Secure access to the exercise room with a key card to limit unauthorized entry
  • Post exercise room rules, including minimum age for unsupervised children
  • Keep exercise equipment, including the treadmill belt, in good condition. Periodically inspect and maintain exercise equipment, and use the proper parts for any equipment repairs
  • Keep equipment out of walkways
  • Assure the carpet is in good condition
  • Maintain adequate lighting
Arcade/Playground Areas
  • Inspect all walking and playing surfaces on a regular basis
  • Use low-profile bolts with no protruding sharp edges
  • Make sure the playground equipment has no sharp edges
  • Follow Consumer Product Safety Commission ( guidelines for playground surfaces including using a minimum of 12 inches of loose-fill surfacing material or safety-tested rubber under all playground equipment and extending at least 6 feet in all directions from equipment
  • Install guardrails for platforms more than 30 inches above the ground to prevent falls
  • Inspect arcade and playgrounds on a regular basis
  • Keep electrical cords for arcade games properly stowed and away from aisles
Guest Transportation
  • Inspect the shuttle van daily before each trip
  • Make sure van steps are in good condition and kept free of ice or snow during inclement weather
  • Secure handrails
  • Instruct drivers to assist customers entering and exiting the vehicle
  • Require drivers to make sure the area is safe (e.g., free of ice and snow) before allowing passengers to disembark

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