What is a co-payment:

Are you aware if your medical aid has a co-payment?

A medical aid co-payment is an upfront fee that the member is liable for when making use of certain medical services. Medical Aid Schemes usually charge co-payments for scans, scopes, dentistry and back surgery to name a few services. This will differ from one Medical Aid Scheme to another.

Once the member has paid the co-payment the Medical Aid Scheme will pay the difference up to the Scheme rate. If the condition falls under a Prescribed Minimum Benefit the co-payment will usually be waivered.

Did you know that Medical Gap Covers have options available to cover these co-payments? Please make sure your Gap Cover has co-payment cover and if the policy has limits that these are sufficient for your Medical Aid option.



Remember to Book your Multiply Fitness Assessment as soon as possible to assist you with increasing your status. The Multiply fitness assessment fee will increase on 1 July 2019 to R220.


Most Intermediate and Comprehensive Gap Cover options have Trauma Counselling benefits. This benefit covers the cost of trauma counselling consultation. Please bear in mind limits will apply depending on your Gap Cover company and option.

What would be considered a traumatic event:

  • have witnessed, or are directly affected by an act of physical violence or an accident;
  • have received word of a loved one’s, or your own diagnosis of a dread disease; or
  • mourn the death of a loved one.

This benefit is usually valid within the first 6 months after a traumatic event and motivation may be required prior to accessing the benefit.