Update on Proposed Amalgamation between Topmed and Fedhealth

The majority of the Members who voted, from both schemes, voted in favour of the amalgamation.

The results of the Member votes from both schemes have been sent to the Council for Medical Schemes, for their review and final approval.

The proposed date for the amalgamation was to be 1 May 2019. This date will move out by a month or two, as both schemes are currently waiting for feedback from CMS in this regard.

Once the date is confirmed, Topmed will send out further communication to Members.


Discovery Vitality – HealthyDining benefit

Discovery Vitality members have no more excuses for not eating healthy.

With the new HealthyDining benefit, you can get up to 25% cash back on qualifying HealthyMeal choices and 50% cash back on Vitality kids’ healthy meals when ordering through Uber Eats from participating restaurants: Col’Cacchio, Doppio Zero, Nando’s and Ocean Basket.

Here’s what you need to do to get up to 25% cash back

  1. Activate HealthyDining to earn 10% cash back on Vitality healthy meals.
  2. Increase their cash back to 15% by finding out their Vitality Age.
  3. Boost their cash back to 25% by completing a Vitality Health Check.

If you have children 12 years or younger on your Vitality policy, you will automatically earn 50% on all Vitality kids’ healthy meals.

How to can activate HealthyDining

  1. Activate HealthyDining through the Discovery app or website and get a unique code.
  2. Link Uber Eats to Discovery Vitality by adding your unique code to your Uber Eats app.
  3. Dine in with Uber Eats – order HealthyDining stamped meals from selected partners using the Uber Eats app.


Did you know you can claim for ER / Casualty visits from your Gap Cover; even if you are not admitted to hospital?  Most Gap Covers will cover you if you require immediate medical attention at a casualty facility.  This benefit will not be covered in the event of illness but rather accidental or due to an external force. Subject to Limits.