Gap Cover

What is Gap cover?

Gap Cover is a short-term insurance product that covers the difference between the medical aid rate and private rates charged by doctors or specialists for in-hospital treatment. Gap cover will settle up to a total of 500% of the National Health Reference Price List rate.

Why do I need Gap cover?

If you belong to a Medical Aid you would assume that you are fully covered for in-hospital treatment.  However, depending on the Medical plan you are paying for, you may only be covered for 100% of the scheme rate.  One would think that 100% would cover all your expenses but doctors or specialists in South Africa have the right to charge 200%, 300% even sometimes up to 500% of the National Health Reference Price List rate!   So while you are thinking your Medical Aid has it all covered… in reality you will have to pay the difference from your own pocket.  This is where Gap cover helps you out.

What does it cost?

Depending on the Service provider, product and benefits you choose you could pay anything between R150 and R350 p/m for cover for the whole family.    We offer products from:

  • Ambledown
  • Stratum
  • Sirago
  • Liberty Gap

Curious about the benefits and costs?  Contact us for a full plan comparison.

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If you still have any Gap cover related questions please feel free to contact Lauren Louw who will gladly assist you.