The power is out, now what? Finding fun things to do during Loadshedding may seem tedious but it’s better than being cut off in the dark either going to bed early or cursing Eskom until the power returns. Here are a few fun things to do during Loadshedding that we think you’ll enjoy. While you’re add it, remember to stock up on candles, buy a torch and a car cellphone charger if you don’t have one and not fill up your fridge as the food may go off during long loadsheddings.

1. Take a long and relaxing bubble bath.

In today’s day and age we often don’t have that much fun time allocated to ourselves to just take a second and breathe. Take this opportunity to have a soothing candle lit load shedding bubble bath, grab a book to read and just relax. Maybe even indulge in a glass of wine. We all deserve some pure indulgences from time to time.

2. Bring and braai.

You’ve had a look at the load shedding schedule and guess what? Maybe it’s time to invite your friends and neighbors over for a good old fun South African braai. Prepare food that you can keep warm on the fire such as Braai-Pie or Braaied Potato Halves along with your meat and salads that you have prepared. Should the power come on earlier or not go off at all, you would still have enjoyed an evening with good friends, good conversations and good laughs.

3. Bring out the fun games.

You may not believe it or want to believe it but before real television and computer games, there were board games. A lot of the youth today have not even played a board game, or they have but it’s been through the computer or tablet. Monopoly was an all time favorite, as well as Master Mind, Balderdash, Pictionary, Scrabble, Rummicub and so many more. Not into board games? Try card games such as Snap, Cannaster, Rummy or Go Fish. Let load shedding take you back to your childhood and introduce your children to the fun of board and card games

4. Go to the beach

If you’re one of those who live at the coast but hardly ever go to the beach, take this opportunity to get out there and appreciate how lucky you are! Whether you go for a full day of swimming, tanning or surfing or just to watch the sunset, no electricity is needed! If you are a dog owner, take him or her along to enjoy the day with you at one of the many pet-friendly beaches.

5. Go hiking

While the weather is still good, take the opportunity to experience the beauty of our country by going on a scenic hike or walk. If you’re in Cape Town, Table Mountain, Silvermine, Chapman’s Peak and Cape Point offer great trails. If you are in Durbs, the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Reserve is a great trail suitable for the whole family, complete with sightings of vervet monkeys, small buck and butterflies. Alternatively you could walk the 6km Beachfront Promenade, which takes you from Blue Lagoon in the North, to uShaka in the South, past Suncoast Casino, Battery Beach, North Beach, and Addington Beach.

6. Have a picnic

A picnic outdoors is a lovely way to while away a few power free hours. Cape Town and Durban may have the beaches, but Gauteng has some gorgeous natural spaces to picnic in. If you’re in Johannesburg, Zoo lake is an ideal spot to spend an afternoon lying on the grass or caneoing in the lake. Walter Sisuslu National Botanical Gardens and Emmarentia Dam are also good options. In Pretoria, the Pretoria Botanical Gardens is the traditional favourite picnic spot, or you can head to the Groenkloof Nature Reserve, or the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve.

7. Go out to eat

Restaurants are stepping up to the plate and finding ways to stay operational during load shedding. Avoid having to dine on salticrax by candlelight and take advantage of the many restaurants trading during load shedding hours.