We are pleased to inform you that The Professional Provident Society (PPS) has a limited-period free service to clients of Vision Brokers.

The offer entails:

  • A free drafted/complex Will (usual cost is R535.00) to all members of the South African Medical Association (SAMA), all members of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA) as well as to all members of the South African Dental Association (SADA).
  • The offer of a free drafted Will is for a period ending 30 September 2019 for SAMA members and 31 October 2019 for PSSA and SADA members.

In addition, for the month of September, PPS is offering a free drafted Will, as well as a free estate analysis, to all clients of Vision Brokers aged 55 and over.

It’s very important to ensure that your Will is up to date and to review it regularly, as your personal and financial circumstances change over time.  We encourage you to take up this offer through PPS.

A large percentage of the South African community pass on without a valid or up-to-date Will. Not having a Will in place can create delays in the distribution of assets upon death, and could even diminish the value of your estate. A big concern for parents is that they will not be able to select and appoint the guardian for their children. Moreover, a minor’s inheritance will be placed in the Master of the High Court Guardian’s Fund until they are 18 years of age.

Not only should everyone have a Will in place but also it is important that it is updated every time a lifestyle event occurs, such as marriage, birth, buying a new house etc. Drafting of a Will is part of the holistic financial planning offered by Vision Brokers. We highly recommend that you seek the advice of your professional Financial Advisor.

For more information about the offer of a free drafted Will, please contact your Financial Advisor at Vision Brokers on 021 914 4554.

PPS Fiduciary Services, a division of PPS, offers the following services:

  • Will drafting.
  • Safe custody of wills
  • Appointment as executor and administration of your estate.
  • Trust deed drafting and trust administration.
  • Beneficiary Trust to hold assets in trust on behalf of minor beneficiaries.
  • Financial and estate planning, for a comprehensive plan in relation to the accumulation, preservation and distribution of your assets.

Read more about PPS Fiduciary Services on their website: https://www.pps.co.za/planlearn/Pages/Wills,-Trust–Estate-Planning.aspx