As minds drift away from the office and into the festive season, some things get forgotten, lost and left behind. Holiday mode is great for you – but not always great for your belongings.

While you’re embracing holiday mode and enjoying the good times, we’ll* be covering all personal, car and household insurance policyholders with these value-added services, at no additional cost:

Free 10% increased cover for house contents

  • Presents are piled under the tree; fridges are groaning with food; there is a steady stream of guests in and out of the house to receive (and hopefully give) presents. Just in case you need it with all the extra goodies in the house we give you 10% free increased house contents cover over the festive season.

Home drive assistance, ensuring you and your car get home safely if you’re over the limit

  • It’s that time of the year where impromptu parties spring on you from nowhere and you discover your missed calling as a Karaoke star. So nice to know we can get you and your car home again safely when the parties done. You just need to be within 50km of the centre of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George, Cape Town or Bloemfontein. Please book at least 4 hours in advance as there are a lot of festivities out there!

Route assistance, providing maps & directions to get you anywhere in South Africa

  • We’ve all been there. The family is squeezed in the car, eagerly straining for the first glimpse of the sea, slapping the sunscreen on in anticipation. The problem is you’ve no idea where “there” is as you took a wrong turn at the last unpronounceable dorp and have just discovered the middle of nowhere. We can help with that as our SOS team can provide detailed map information in the major cities and basic route information in rural areas.

Road assistance, for breakdowns, locked-in car keys, tyre changes and emergency refuelling

  • Under normal circumstances your mind wouldn’t have been practicing your golf swing/back stroke/secret braai recipe and you would have noticed the petrol gauge slump to empty. Such things happen in holiday mode, not to mention interesting encounters with wandering farm animals, blown tyres on dirt roads and keys left buried on the beach.

    For all such moments our road assistance service is there for you. We can help with mechanical and electrical breakdowns; a jump-start service, changing of tyres; a locksmith and supply of 10 litres of fuel if you run out.

Home emergency assistance

  • Arrived home to find your geyser has been silently flooding your deserted house? Oven out of action and need to get the Turkey on? We sort out household emergencies within two hours of you making the call, so you can get back to the beach (or to making your cranberry stuffing). Our service includes plumbing, electrical, glaziers, locksmiths and repair work to essential appliances.

So whether you’re home or away this festive season, we will ensure that you enjoy only the good parts of holiday mode, and none of the bad. For assistance, call our 24/7 SOS and claims line on 0860 505 911 – also available weekends and public holidays. Be safe out there.

Click here for more information on our full range of free SOS services for Santam policyholders

*Terms and conditions apply.  This article is focused on Santam clients only.  Other insurers may offer different benefits during the festive season.

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