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Five tips to sort out your budget for a stress-free December

December is fast approaching, which means it’s your last opportunity to get your year-end finances in order. These last minute tweaks can help you stay out of debt

Susan Steward, marketing manager of Budget Insurance, shares five tips for reviving and refreshing your finances:

Make some changes behind the wheel

There’s nothing you can do about petrol price increases, but there are things you can do to help your tank go further. Did you know that at 110km/h, your car uses up to 25% more fuel than it would cruising at a more moderate 90km/h? Add to this: keeping a safe following distance, avoiding harsh braking and acceleration, and do regular vehicle maintenance checks, and you could reduce your fuel spend significantly.

Compromise and re-prioritise

That pricey perfume, those designer sneakers, and meals out… they all add up and sometimes that leaves you making compromises where you shouldn’t. To ensure you have enough money for the things you and your family need first, find a more affordable fragrance, do without the sneakers or have fewer meals out.

Update your insurance

Now’s the perfect time to ensure that your home contents insurance is up-to-date. If you’ve bought new items for your home, the amount you’re currently insured for may not be sufficient and you could be underinsured. On the flipside, some items may have devalued, you may have sold items or downsized and may want to reduce your home contents cover, which could save you a substantial amount of money.

Stick to your saving goals

Saving is hard, but it’s not impossible! There are many different ways to save, from setting up a monthly debit order to an investment account, and opening a tax-free savings account to increasing your pension fund contribution and requesting the 13th cheque option from your employer. It’s best to build savings into your budget as a non-negotiable monthly expense, which should help you to be more disciplined and save more.

Reap from your rewards programmes

Many of us are part of loyalty programmes offered by entities, like banks, supermarkets and healthcare providers. Understanding how to make the most out of these programmes is critical to really enjoying their benefits – from earning the most amount of points to receiving the highest possible discount or cash back.

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