Life without a cellphone seems like something out of the history books. So why do a lot of people opt not to insure one of the most import and expensive items they own?

The reason might be to keep their monthly premium low yet for most of us our whole life revolves around our cellphones. Here we have five reason’s why it is not only a benefit but essential to insure your cellphone.

1. Your smartphone is expensive and if something happens to it, replacing it with a new one is not a cheap affair. Especially if you have a contract phone and need your phone for your work and personal life.

2. Most warranties don’t cover accidental loss/damage and theft. Plus if your phone is outside of your warranty you need some sort of cover for electrical and mechanical damage.

3. You won’t have to down grade to a middle or lower range phone. Most of us buy an expensive phone for a reason and want to replace it with a similar phone and forking out anything from R6 000-R10 000 for a phone is not something everyone can afford.

4. Most if not all insurance company’s have a Personal All Risk option that covers portable items like cellphones. With most of them covering your phone from water damage as well.

5. You never know what can happen, that “oops my phone fell into the water” or “there my phone fall’s out of my pocket” moment can happen at any time.

In most personal insurance plans you are able to include your cellphone among other items like your laptop at reasonable price and can have peace of mind.

If you are looking for insurance you can visits Santam’s quote page. Here you either use the online calculator,email your details or contact a broker to get a estimation for your insurance cover.

The question then is do you rather take the risk and not insure your phone, or better known as the center from which my world revolves around.

Or do you rather not take the chance and for a little extra get cover that in the long run is for the best.

Especially when you never know what can happen and a curve balls always hit at a the time when you either a) least expect it or b) when you have a lot of financial obligation.

Then buying a expensive phone is not really at the top of your priority list.

22 July 2014