The 2014/2015 Christmas and New Year holiday season is fast approaching and with it will come the usual heartbreaking reports of deaths and injuries on the road. It’s not going to change, so learn how to avoid it…

The number of crashes increases in line with traffic density, associated short tempers and bad driving decisions by irresponsible and inexperienced drivers. And alcohol consumption…

According to Alexander Forbes Insurance, research shows that half of all road deaths are a result of alcohol consumption, especially among the 40% made up of pedestrians.

The company’s MD, Gari Dombo, said: “South African (and that of many other countries) law says it is illegal for any person with a blood-alcohol level higher than 0.05g/100ml to be in the driving seat of a motor vehicle.


Dombo explains some effects alcohol has on your ability to drive:

• Impaired vision – Inebriated drivers have tunnel vision; are less aware of peripheral zones.
• Slowed reactions – Inebriation means your brain takes longer to process information; your ability to interpret a situation and react appropriately is reduced.
• Lack of concentration – Inebriated drivers are more likely to pay less attention to road signs, pedestrians, other road-users.
• Bad judgement – Inebriation affects your ability to judge the distance between static and moving objects.

Here’s what will happen to you if convicted If you are convicted of drunk driving in South Africa you could face jail time, be liable for fines and culpable homicide resulting in a criminal record and your license may be suspended.


Being caught driving could result in higher insurance premiums will probably increase as you will be considered a higher risk driver. Your insurer may even refuse to renew your policy, reports AFI.

If you do not disclose the charge/conviction to your insurer it may reject future claims due to non-disclosure of information, reports AFI .

Dombo adds that your insurance policy excludes damage to your vehicle and third party damage or injury caused when you drive over the blood alcohol limit.

Many insurers also exclude cover when it is reliably witnessed that you were under the influence, so blood alcohol limit is then irrelevant. AFI reports that a driver would have to cover all expenses associated with a crash caused by drunken driving.

Dombo reminds the South African public to make use of driver services than drive home drunk.

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