Effective 2018, Discovery Health Medical Scheme members on all plans will have access to comprehensive maternity and post-birth benefits. This will be covered from the Maternity Benefit at the Discovery Health Rate and will not affect the members day-to-day benefits.

Members will have access to the following during their pregnancy:

  • 12 antenatal consultations with the gynaecologist, GP or midwife
  • Five pre- or postnatal classes or consultations with a registered nurse
  • Two ultrasound scans
  • One nuchal translucency or Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT)
  • A defined basket of blood tests per pregnancy
  • Up to R1 880 per day in a private ward for the delivery in-hospital
  • Essential registered devices eg breast pumps and smart thermometers up to R5 000 with a 25% co-payment.

Members will have access to the following (up to two years after childbirth):

  • The baby is covered up to two visits with GP, paediatrician or an ENT
  • The mother will be covered for the following:
  • One six week post-birth consultation with a midwife, GP or gynaecologist
  • One nutrition assessment with a dietitian
  • Two mental health consultations with a counsellor or psychologist
  • One lactation consultation with a registered nurse or lactation specialist.

Note: Benefits are subject to change and can vary according to the members chosen plan.

The new app called ‘My Pregnancy and My Baby’ will give members access to 24/7 clinical support, advice and guidance.

The benefits will only be activated once the member creates a pregnancy profile on the following platforms:

  • Discovery mobile app
  • Discovery website
  • When a member preauthorises their delivery
  • When the baby is registered onto the Scheme

Information received from Discovery health and is subject to change