If you are a Discovery Health (or any other recognized Medical Aid member), your medical aid will pay for your COVID-19 vaccination.

Here’s how you can register for your COVID-19 vaccination

Step 1: (Compulsory) Register on the national EVDS. This is required by the National Department of Health for all South Africans. Once you have registered on the EVDS, you will get a vaccination code to use on the day of your scheduled vaccination. The National Department of Health manages this process.

Step 2: Discovery clients can then register on the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Portal.

  • A view of where you fit into the national prioritisation framework.
  • Access to information on what to expect when being vaccinated and how to prepare for this.
  • Information on accredited vaccination sites nationwide where vaccinations will be done (including pharmacies, GP practices and hospitals, and dedicated vaccination sites), and the location of Discovery’s dedicated vaccination sites.
  • Reminders of your upcoming second dose, if you get a two-dose vaccine.
  • A chance to take part in our survey and share symptoms after you have been vaccinated. Symptoms may be mild, moderate or serious. You will then be guided towards help or to your healthcare provider, as needed.
  • Access to create a digital version of your vaccination card for safe keeping.

Find out all you need to know about registering on the Discovery COVID-19 Vaccination Portal today.


Article credit: https://www.discovery.co.za/corporate/covid-19-understanding-sa-vaccine-rollout-plan

Discovery Health clients and vaccination