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We understand that behind every currency transfer there is a story that matters to you, which is why you are our most valuable currency. We value you.

Currency Partners

Some of the biggest names in the Financial Services industry have chosen Currency Partners as their preferred specialist Foreign Exchange provider. So, if you’re thinking of investing abroad, we’ll help you maximise the foreign currency you’ll have available to invest by giving you access to the best pricing available in the market from our banking partners. We typically save individuals between 1% and 3% on the retail exchange rates from the banks with our premium Private Client FX service.

Each South African resident taxpayer may avail themselves of their annual single Discretionary Allowance (R1 million) and/or Foreign Capital Allowance (R10 million) per calendar year, for direct offshore investment in foreign currency denominated assets. Vision has partnered with Currency Partners to assist our clients with the process of obtaining foreign tax clearance from SARS and facilitate a currency transfer of your funds at preferential exchange rates, so you save money on the exchange rates from your bank!

As one of South Africa’s largest and truly independent specialist FX service providers, Currency Partners is able to offer you access to the best available pricing in the market. The exchange rates they offer are all-inclusive, so the rate you are quoted is all you pay. There are no additional costs, fees or commissions and they typically save clients between 0.5% and up to 3% on the retail exchange rates from their bank, which translates into a typical saving of between R5,000 – R30,000 per R1 million transferred (or currency equivalent).

The benefits of our premium Private Client FX service include:

  • Quick and secure online registration that places you under no obligation afterwards
  • Pre-completed electronic currency forms (we don’t require original documentation)
  • Foreign tax clearance certificates from SARS
  • SARB Exchange Control approval applications
  • Offshore, Non-resident and Cash Management bank accounts
  • Automatic market orders and target rate watch alerts
  • “Better Price Promise” (we’ll better any live comparative quote)
  • Preferential wholesale pricing terms and all-inclusive exchange rates (save up to 3%)

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The benefits of our specialist Corporate FX service include:

  • A short, secure, online registration that places you under no obligation afterwards
  • Advice and assistance with SARB exchange control regulations
  • Import Solutions/Export payments and receipts
  • Favourable terms for bespoke hedging strategies (Forwards (FECs), Options, Futures)
  • Specialist currency risk management advice
  • Rate watch alerts and automatic market orders (never miss out on a target rate)
  • We handle all documentation, including your Balance of Payment (BoP) forms

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Registration is free, only takes about 3-5 minutes and places you under no obligation afterward.


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For more information or assistance with your individual requirements, please email or call +27 (0)86 0022 007 to get in touch with our friendly Client Services team.
Licensed by the FSB as an authorised Financial Services Provider (No. 35134).
Authorised by the SARB to act as a Foreign Exchange Intermediary (No. 1431).

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