It is important to find the best time to sign up for insurance and to know what aspects to consider at every age.  “The benefits of signing up for insurance far outweighs the alternative,” says Joe Szemerei, Executive Director of Indwe Risk Services. “Make sure you understand what the advantages and pitfalls of insurance are, at every stage of your life, and ensure you are covered, whatever your age.”

Have a look at the following guide of insurance considerations at every stage of your life.

Your 20s

You are starting your first job, buying your first car, and probably getting your first furniture and appliances. Now is a great time to make sound financial decisions. Since it is the first time you might be taking out insurance, remember, cheaper is not always better. It is also important to be completely upfont about your situation. Don’t lie about little things like where you park your car at night – in the event that your car gets stolen, these things can cause insurance not to pay out. In South Africa car insurance premiums for under 25s are quite steep but after the age of 25, most companies decrease your premiums substantially.

Life insurance works the opposite way. The younger you are, the less you pay and the earlier you attain it, the better. You might think it unlikely that your health will be failing at age 25, but still your life insurance rate increases the older you get. Get it while you’re young, and you’ll receive a low rate, which could possibly be locked in, ensuring that you pay a reduced premium rate throughout your life.

Your 30s

You are probably settling down, perhaps getting married, starting a family and quite possibly buying your first house. Make sure to protect your new property and everything inside with home insurance. Remember to be honest about the contents to ensure you are adequately covered. Don’t be tempted to save a little on monthly premiums and put yourself at risk in the long run. Check that you have installed the very best security in your home – it will reduce your monthly premium significantly. Your life insurance should be in place to ensure your family is taken care of should anything happen to you. Since you’re merging your assets, consider putting your cars under one auto insurance policy to optimise savings. It is also a good time to start thinking about an education policy for your children.

Your 40s

 You have been working hard, and probably acquired some wealth. Update your household content insurance and make sure that your insurance covers that new anniversary ring or the latest set of golf clubs. An annual update is a good idea. You could even have a teenager who is starting to drive, so check that your insurance covers you when you are not the driver of your car.

Your 50s

 You might be buying a car for your child at university. Get proper insurance and don’t put yourself down as the primary driver. “Since your kids are adults, it may also be a good time to consider re-evaluating your life insurance coverage level. You might qualify for discounted insurance premiums,” says Szemerei.

Your 60s

With more free time, you can focus on you. Whether your dream is to sail around the world, travel the country, or spend more time at home, protect your assets with vehicle and homeowners insurance. If you have invested in a second property or a holiday flat, check that you are insured, even when it’s not occupied.  If you rent your property to a tenant, check that they are aware that they need their own home contents insurance.

Many people feel apprehensive about researching car and life insurance premiums and packages – intimidated by the fine print, legal jargon and the maths. Remember that communicating directly with an insurance advisor and getting the straightforward English answers is easier than ever,” says Szemerei.

– Joe Szemerei: Executive Director – Indwe Risk Services.

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