Beame is so much more than just another vehicle tracking and recovery service. It’s going to shake up the mobile asset tracking and recovery services in South Africa and change the way you keep your vehicle safe.

What’s Beame all about?

  • Beame is the wittiest car tracker and mobile recovery system on the market.
  • It’s smaller, simpler and much more affordable.
  • It’s wireless and runs on batteries.
  • It’s totally mobile and fits easily into any of your vehicles.

Beame keeps an eye on your vehicle, making sure it’s safe, wherever you might be in our awesome country.

It’s lightweight, has radio frequency technology and is powered by a battery that lasts for a minimum of 3 years, after which we’ll replace it for you – FOR FREE*! Beame is super quick to install, because it’s wireless, which makes it easy to hide, without affecting your vehicle’s electronic warranty.

Now that’s amazing quality at an affordable price, can I hear a Whoop Whoop!!

What’s more, Beame is approved by all insurers and after having a tracking device fitted in your vehicle, you are also eligible for a discounted vehicle insurance premium, if not a requirement.

Contact us on and we will arrange for your Beame tracking device to be installed at only R79.00 per month – an exclusive price, only available through Vision Insurance.

*Terms and conditions apply. Premium is subject to change.

(E&O excluded)