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About Vision.

Vision Insurance Brokers was established in 2000 with only 3 staff members at the time.

Who We Are

Over the years, our brokerage has grown to be an award winning organization with over 30 employees. Our offices are located in the beautiful Tyger Waterfront in Bellville. Over time many things have changed, but our success recipe remained the same; we believe that our business is one of relations of which professional expert advice is the cornerstone. This is backed by experienced well trained staff and the utilization of the most modern technological systems available.

We firmly believe in the following saying:

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” Mahatma Gandhi

Our Team

  • Vision Short Term Insurance
  • Chrizelda Swart

    MD: Vision Insurance

  • Elrine Eckert

    Short Term Insurance Broker

  • Stephen Smit

    Executive Manager: Technical & Risk

  • Joos Rossouw

    Short Term Insurance Broker

  • Zelma Andrew

    Admin Manager

  • Mandy Kriel

    Claims Manager

  • Laurel Davids

    Service Consultant

  • Rebecca Shaw

    Financial Manager

  • Carol Maree

    Portfolio Manager

  • Bruwer Rosseau

    Short Term Insurance Broker

  • Enrico Petersen

    Web Developer

  • Wandisa Mabinza


  • Philip Matthee

    Financial Advisor

  • Andre Willemse

    Financial Advisor

  • Mark Green

    Short Term Insurance Broker

  • Cornè Dreyer

    Admin Assistant

  • Charmain Ludik

    Admin Assistant

  • Marie de Swardt

    Admin Assistant

  • Vision Risk and Investment Consultants:
  • Ferdi Louw

    MD: Vision Risk and Investment Consultants

  • Claude Louw

    Director: Vision RIC

  • Christoff Steyn

    Director: Vision RIC

  • Morné Schmidt

    Financial Advisor

  • Conrad Wehmeyer

    Financial Advisor & Short Term Insurance

  • Leon Grobbelaar

    Financial Advisor

  • Kobus le Roux

    Portfolio Manager Compt (Hons), CA (SA)

  • Anton van der Bijl

    Financial Advisor

  • Geon Hoon

    Financial Advisor

  • Johan Maree

    Financial Advisor

  • Jessica Hector

    Executive Admin Assistant

  • Deoni Mackenzie

    Executive Admin Assistant

  • Johanna Germishuys

    Executive Admin Assistant

  • Angie Leibbrandt

    Financial Manager

  • Petro Hugo

    Diary Manager

  • Izaan Steyn

    Project Manager

  • Lauren Louw

    Health Broker

  • Annelise van Niekerk

    Executive Admin Assistant

  • Sonica Erasmus

    Diary Manager

Ask An Expert

  • Chrizelda Swart – Short Term Insurance


    I entered the short term industry approximately 21 years ago and have established and manage a successful short term business practice. I thrive on challenges and setting and achieving of personal and business goals – this is my driving force and part of my lifestyle!
    Contact me: Email Chrizelda / 083 708 9391
  • Stephen Smit – Commercial and Technical Risk Managment


    I love doing surveys and by doing this helps the client understand the moral responsibility and requirements needed from his side in order to help the Insurer manage his risk and business to ensure that his business runs optimally at the lowest possible risk factor.
    I pay particular attention to detail and my clients know that they will always receive the best advice and quality service, acting in their best interests and being informed at all times of the possibilities of risks that could harm their business.
    My passion is not limited to commercial, but in all areas of insurance.
    Contact me: Email Stephen / 084 209 0443
  • Elrine de Villiers – Auto and Household Insurance


    I am very proud to say that I was one of the starting members of Vision Insurance in 1999 and have been in the short term insurance industry since 1996. The best part of this industry is dealing with clients and making them happy.
    Contact me: Email Elrine / 083 503 0114
  • Joos Rossouw – Heavy Commercial Vehicles and Goods In Transit


    I started my career as broker focusing mainly on domestic and commercial insurance but have since expanded my portfolio to include trucking, goods in transit, construction and other commercial business. My passion is to help people to find the best insurance solution for their specific needs.
    Contact me: Email Joos / 078 182 6230
  • Ferdi Louw – Discovery, PPS for professionals


    With the above in mind we blend expertise, innovation and old fashioned service values. The ultimate goal is to create the perfect environment to be the financial services company of choice. Outside the office; art, the outdoors and a lunch with friends are high on the agenda.
    Contact me: Email Ferdi / 082 494 5498
  • Claude Louw – Financial Advisor & Investment Specialist


    Being in the industry since 1997, I have developed a keen interest in Investments; Estate Planning and giving objective advise to my clients. If you need advise on Investment matters from, what asset class allocation should suit your profile, to what you exposure should look like for hedging against the rand, contact me. Working mainly with professionals and business owners, I have a very good idea of what their needs are, although every person is unique and a solution from Vision will be tailor made
    Contact me: Email Claude / 082 887 5156

Our Philosophy

Our winning recipe consists of the following essential client rules:

  • Customer service is not a department
  • You win clients one at a time and lose them a thousand at a time
  • Great service follows the law of gravity
  • Don’t get bored with the basics
  • Ask yourself, “What would Mom do?”
  • Be an ecologist
  • Look sharp
  • Always act like a professional
  • Hire the best cast
  • Be your own Shakespeare
  • Become an expert at creating experts
  • Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse
  • Expect more to get more
  • Treat clients the way you would treat your loved ones
  • Be like a bee
  • Know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
  • Listen up
  • Be a copy cat
  • Fish where the fisherman ain’t
  • Be a wordsmith – language matters
  • Make yourself available
  • Always be the giving one
  • If they say they want horses, give them a motorcar
  • Don’t just make promises, make guarantees
  • Treat every client like a regular
  • Serve to win
  • Make ASAP your standard deadline
  • Know the difference between needs and wants
  • Have a geek on your team
  • Be relentless about details
  • Be reliable
  • Don’t give the responsibility without the authority
  • Never, ever argue with a client
  • Never say no – except “No problem”
  • Be flexible
  • Apologize like you really mean it
  • Surprise them with something extra
  • Keep doing it better
  • Don’t try too hard

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