Motorists must be vigilant and ensure that when they leave their vehicle it is securely locked

A new South African survey has revealed that 82% of respondents leave expensive belongings

in their cars overnight, not only exposing their motor vehicle to potential expensive break-ins but also leaving their personal and sometimes irreplaceable belongings vulnerable to being stolen.

South African Police Service Crime Report (2010), which revealed a 1.8% increase in theft from or out of a motor vehicle

“For many people, their motor vehicles are an extension of their homes – a place where they feel safe and comfortable.”

“As a result, it is a common mistake made by many to simply leave certain belongings in the car overnight believing that they will be safe until the morning.”

The most common item left in motor vehicles were laptops with 24% of respondents admitting to leaving theirs in their cars overnight, according to the survey conducted by MUA Insurance Acceptances in conjunction with RISKSA.

Small electronic devices such as mobile phones or cameras came in second with 22% and GPS devices were the third most common item left in cars.

“Unless belongings that have been left behind in a vehicle were hidden from view, it is highly likely that such a claim may be repudiated.”

“It is also important that clients are made aware of the fact that this general restriction often applies regardless of whether the client has unspecified all risks cover in place, as such a theft would be seen as negligence on the part of the client.”

“The best advice, however, is to ensure that any expensive and/or sentimental belongings are not kept in a vehicle at all,”

(Excerpt from internet article)- Courtesy — IT News – MUA – Evan Gilbert – 28/10/2011