1.     Create An Event Diary:

Plan your events for the holidays in advance, especially if you have children. This will reduce unnecessary spending on expensive outings due to a lack of planning. Switch play dates from venues that request an entrance fee, for simple play dates at your home. There are plenty of activities you can organise for the kids which won’t cost you a cent, such as setting up a picnic in the garden, turning on the sprinklers and letting the kids run wild or setting up a treasure hunt in the house.

2.      Draw Up A List:

By knowing what you want to buy beforehand, allows you time to plan and research where the best places are to purchase your more expensive items from, and if you’re lucky you may even find some early specials. If possible, try to find a shopping centre in which you can purchase all your items in one go. This reduces multiple trips to the shops, where you may be tempted to buy additional, unnecessary items each time.

3.     Christmas Dinner And Social Events:

Instead of going out for dinner on several occasions, why not plan a dinner party at home, along with some games and good music. The key is, don’t be shy to ask everyone to bring something along. People will generally bring something anyway, so rather pre-empt this situation by asking a few friends to bring along some items you may need,. You can always alternate the friends you ask. I’m sure nobody minds bringing a dessert or some snacks and their own drinks. Remember, you don’t need hundreds of ingredients to be fancy! Buy wisely.

4.   Opt For Online Vouchers For Distant Relatives:

Should you need to buy gifts for overseas or distant relatives, why not buy them an online shopping voucher. There are plenty of websites available to purchase online goods these days, which sell items such as music, books, electronics, clothes and so on.

While it’s also great fun selecting your own gift, it is also a great way to help you save money.  This way you can select an amount you want to spend and stick to it. There are also no courier or postage fees involved.

5.       Start Saving Now!

christmas-savingsSee if there are any expenses on which you can save money in the months leading up to the holidays. If possible, pay off this month and next month’s school fees or extra mural activities for your kids. Or perhaps ask the school if you can pay half of January’s school fees now. January is a difficult month for most of us, and it often takes a few month’s into the New Year to recover financially. Therefore, whichever expenses you can eliminate now, may help you get off to a smoother start in 2019.

Should you have planned a holiday, try to pay off as much of it as you can before December. This way you aren’t left with a large payment to make around Christmas.



Article credit: https://money101.co.za/save-money-festive-season/